Hi, more Shingeki….(someone stop me adslasdfa;ds)

So I’m working on a thing.  Which I’ll prolly never finish but I really want to (just like Kurobas x DMMd…I’m working on it!!).  It’s a 5-years-later parody, where Eren and relevant partners go on a shounen manga training hiatus after the current manga chapter, then come back to show the others their results.  Not gonna say anything more ‘cause of spoilers, but it’s completely crack and heavily inspired by Gintama (oh my that can’t be good) and I really want to draw it >.<

…plus then I get all the attractive 20-year old trainees.

So have some 20-year old Eren for now.  1st one with normal haircut, 2nd with his Titan haircut *spoiler *   (‘cause why doesn’t Eren’s haircut match his titan’s like all the other titan-shifters?)   

*ahem*  I find older!Eren to be very attractive, especially with long hair >.> And I like to imagine he’ll be around 186 cm, so 26 cm height difference to Levi (AoKuro height difference is 24 cm, as a reference :3 )